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Alliance Clinical Insourcing are an experienced team of Alliance Health Group professionals who are dedicated to providing support to NHS organisations across the UK. We supply full clinical-led teams to work with your internal teams to provide a service to meet your needs, whilst adopting your ways of working. All of our doctors hold NHS positions and work within an NHS environment on a daily basis, therefore can quickly adapt to your department and understand the workings of an NHS environment.

We have over 1500 doctors nationally who are available to provide NHS insourcing support over weekends, evenings to support a department and relieve pressure on your department. Your patients are our main focus and getting them better quicker is our main goal. We also aim to rectify any reputational issues Trusts may have endured following missed targets or incurring financial penalties.

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Who are Alliance Health Group?

AHG has over 1500 peer recommended consultant members, covering all specialisms recognised by the GMC, with all operating from both private and NHS facilities. Many of our consultant members hold senior NHS posts, with many holding positions in key healthcare bodies including royal colleges, CCGs, and NHS England.

AHG consultant members are all UK registered specialists, recognised on the GMC specialist register.

In the NHS, we work with Trusts to support them in meeting short to medium term clinical requirements, through to innovative pathway redesign and implementation. We are able to provide support for the full patient pathway, starting from Outpatient first assessments, through to procedures and follow ups and finally discharge. We can cover all administrative overheads ensuring no additional burden on your teams. Our Consultants work to the same high standard as your own, ensuring a gold-standard patient journey.

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NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Insourcing Framework

We are proud suppliers of the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Insourcing Framework.

When did it go live?

1st October 2018 to the 30th September 2020 with the option to extend for a further 2 x 12 month periods to 2022

Wide coverage

The procurement offers coverage of services across a wide range of HRG's including endoscopy, ophthalmology, general surgery, urology, gynaecology, oral surgery, plastic surgery, cardiology, dermatology, breast surgery, ENT, trauma and orthopaedic, vascular surgery and respiratory.

The framework covers the following service elements:

  • Provision of a multi-disciplinary consultant led service
  • Triage and clinical assessment of patients
  • Clinically appropriate diagnostics and treatment (excluding surgical interventions beyond day surgery)
  • Provision of onward referral or discharge
  • Follow up appointments
  • Service delivery on site
  • A wide range of specialities are covered

Who can take advantage?

All NHS and wider public sector organisations across the UK

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